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Jaramillo Jarrin Michelle Adriana

Szociológia mesterszakos hallgató

““Corvinus has opened my eyes to new perspectives not only within my career but also of the global changes happening right now. The best Corvinus experience is meeting people from different places which I would have never come across otherwise and learning from their cultures. I would recommend this program to anybody that is curious about global changes and is wondering about macro trends on development, politics, current socio-technological dilemmas and, since the program has a big technical and methodological component, I would recommend it to people that are looking to work with global data to answer to socio-economic challenges. You have many options for internships, with which the school already has contact with, so that you may choose any option that goes along your particular interests, whether they are closer to altruistic and non-profit organizations, research or private and for-profit institutions.””

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Email: jarrin.jaramillo@stud.uni-corvinus.hu

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